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Rorate Caeli has a great translation of Monsignor Andrea Giusto statement  to stop the traditional Latin mass in the Diocese of Savona Noli.

Now before everyone goes through the roof, one has to look at the circumstances (facts of the matter). I think perhaps all the facts have yet to come in, one for the monsignor’s side (only one I’ve found so far) is this

“The stop is fair – don Giacosa replies – The Latin Mass was a concession by the Pope, it is supposed to unite, it cannot become a way to do proselytisms or to please the nostalgics, mostly [from] outside the Parish.”

I’d like for a moment to reflect on the “mostly from outside the Parish”. If this is true then I have an issue with having the latin mass. The sole question should be is the requst coming from individuals within the parish or not. If yes then there isn’t anything the Monsignor can legitimately do about it. 

If however, there is an organized movement of Catholics outside the parish who simply want to force the issue then it wrong.

One of the by-products of these past fourty years has been the idea that a Catholic can pick and chose where they go to church. While we don’t take a vow of Stability  like the Benedictines, I think it’s clearly time to instill that virtue. This vow is more difficult then any other rule in the modern world. Cleaning up our own parish, particularly if it has “spirit of Vat II” type still in positions of authority. People of a traditional stripe have tended to avoid these parish even thought they fall within the area of that parish.  Catholics have rights and by law they are: the right to having the Word of God preached; the sacraments administered; the Eucharist confected; adequate religious instruction.

Grow were you are planted.


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