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I picked this up from americanpapist
about an article from Reuters on Episcopal Church faces possible major defection.

As painful as it was to go through the child/sex abuse scandals of my church; the scandal of the auto-destruction of the Episcopal church in the USA and the Anglican communion is just as painful. I can’t imagine what they are going through. My prayers go out to them whether they make a stand against and try to perserve what’s left or go Anglo-Catholic, Catholic or Orthodox.


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The church has been in transition for the past 10 years or so. As priests and bishops retire that were at the forefront of aggiornamento concept of Vatican II leave there remain strong pockets of disciples and resist change, just as those of us resisted the spirit of Vatican II in the 70’s & 80’s. With Bishop John Nienstedt installed as coadjutor archbishop of St. Paul the time for a policy of non-interference by the outgoing Archbishop Harry J. Flynn of Saint Paul marks a transition for some in the Twin cities.

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Larger view

St. Frances Cabrini Church parish in support of Publicly Bless the Relationship of Same-Sex Couples on a homily on Oct. 27th. He faces a challenge with individuals who have been use to a hands off policy (IMO) of out-going Archbishop Harry Fynn towards the Gay and lesbian marriages.

The honeymoon with the new Archbishop if there was one may have been broken when he came out with Four points on the church’s teaching about homosexuality

Andy Birkey wrote in the Minnesota Monitor about protests to the Archbishops statements here.

While those in the Gay and Lesbian communities need to be ministered to; the churches position is not going to change. Calling them to a life of celibacy, if they are unable to change is the only charitable option.

POLITE comments with your concerns and or support to:

Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt
Coadjutor Archbishop
Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
226 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55102
(651) 291-4400

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