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Well at least the British Parliament this past Wednesday parliament1.jpg recognizes that a discussion on  Christianophobia  is worth considering as Reuters reports by Tom HeneghanIs phobia the right term for religious intolerance.

The British Guardian retorts that Christianity is not under attack.

The other people who suppose that religion depends on right belief are of course the evangelicals. And it is their narrative which has presumably roused interest in Mr Prichard’s motion. In their world, Christians are persecuted wherever anyone laughs at them. The belief in persecution tends to separate them still further from the world, which in turn increases their sense of isolation, which proves once more that they are persecuted. It is a curiously satisfying belief, and, like their opponents’, almost impossible to disprove with mere evidence.

Pope Benedict XVI has worked with the UN to get the term Christianophobia into the Human Rights laws. His new article from the CDF due out soon may address the issue of preaching the Gospel which especially in Islamic countries and be dangerous for ones health.


But other issues of nation-states maintain their historic cultural sense is dying out as secular values have taken hold more and more in the western countries. I don’t believe that a country can survive with agnostic values. Islam or Christianity will fill the void. ANd that creates tentions.

How much of this is fueled by low birth rates in Europe and the growing concern that Europe will be over run by Muslims? How much is linked in Islamic circles that Christianity is as much a political move against Islam? Or is it Shariah Law imposed on Christian minorities?


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