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In Turkey a Hate campaign leads to attack against priest

was carried out an attempted murder. islam-hate.jpg

138 Muslim scholars wrote to top Christian leaders highlighting shared religious values as a basis for working together for peace and understanding; but these scholars have their work cut out for themselves. They have to address the violence of their own faithful. I recall the Murdered nun asked forgiveness for killers as she lay dying

There’s simply to many occurances to list them. The mass killings in East Timor a couple of years ago and the Arab press blames the US & Australia for the killing.

At this point there is a complete disconnect

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This is outrageous, but not for what the title says.

Last month I posted about a Woman’s Priestess ceremony at a local St. Louis Jewish center who’s Rabbi, Susan Talve of the Central Reform Congregation gave permission for the “Roman Catholic”(not associated with the Catholic church) Woman Priests movement to be ordained.

Get Religion has a post today about an Advent vigil service where the crowd held their service outside the parish church with Talve rather then inside without her. The archbishop denied permission for her to attend the service, because of her actions with the Woman’s Priestess group.

For several years this rabbi was invited by the community of the local Catholic parish as part of an interfaith ecumenical service. That’s not an issue in fact it’s a positive action. However, when the rabbi chose to support a different organization who purpose is to overturn explicit Catholic dogma, she crossed the line.

This isn’t a matter of Ecumenical bonds seeking common ground. This isn’t even a schismatic group seeking recognition. This is explicit a heretical group, who is IMO attempting to overthrow the leadership of the local bishop, because the Catholic church does not recognize Woman’s Ordination.

I’m proud that Archbishop has taken this stand. Leaders of different faith communities can’t support groups attempting to undermine another faith community leadership. Whether the rabbi was able to connect those dots is moot. These type’s of actions is what start religious strife.

The Archbishop will have to address the issue with his parish, but again that’s his business not a Jewish Rabbi’s.

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sistine-chapel.jpgPaolucci (Vatican’s new director) also took issue with the modern trend toward “culture as spectacle” and the promotion of celebrity works of art over the study of collections. Even the Sistine Chapel suffers from this kind of fame, he said.

“This is one of the aspects of the barbaric obscurantism that characterizes our age: the fatal attraction for the well-known,” he said.

Webster’s defines obscurantism as “opposition to the spread of knowledge.” Paolucci’s point was that by giving almost exclusive attention to a museum’s most famous works much is overlooked.

The Vatican Museums once estimated that it exhibits about 30,000 objects of art and holds another 120,000 in storage. In recent years, officials have tried to highlight some of these lesser-known objects, including works of modern art.

Will new director take Vatican Museums far from the madding crowd?

While the art director is likely correct, it’s hardly the statement one makes if you want to retain your job.


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