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This WAS completely off my radar scope. But seeing how I have 2 teenagers I’ll be on the look out for this stuff.

The places one finds topics on religion these days comes from unlikely sources. This one is old for the net (9 months) but seeing how Battlecry may be coming to a town near you, it may be something you need to look into for teens that are Christian. Rolling Stone had an article on this one. I frankly don’t know if this is good or bad. On the surface it seems good, but I have concerns after reading this Acquire the evidence.

Regardless of what communion you belong to, our collective churches have to do a better job addressing the issues that our teens face. Unlike my “Leave it to Beaver” generation where most everyone was married, it was scandalous to be divorced, drugs were strictly over the counter, sex was a dirt word not something that 50% of your peers had done by age 15, abortion was still illegal.

This generation has no foundation to stand on, the baby boom generation literally blew it up. I’ve operated under the false assumption that somehow my kids childhood is similar to mine. It’s completely the opposite.

Over at Charlotte was Both has a Catholic version of this (Hard as Nails) without the apparent political ties that Battlecry seems to have.  Maybe I’m just getting old, it’s not the message it’s the method and the cult of personality I’m concerned with.


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