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The theme song for this event for many would be either Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor  or for the Boomers- Star Wars- The Imperial March

Nothing can drive the most outlandish conspiracies, then that of the black robes. 

Illuminati & the one world gov’t, etc. Just google Jesuit & Evil or Jesuit and conspiracies and you’ll spend the next year just looking up the links. Clearly this is an organization that must be stopped at all cost. Why they’ve started every war since the 16th century. The only reason they didn’t start any prior to that is because they weren’t created by their master the Vatican yet.

The Jesuits divide up the world into 91 provinces and they will meet to elect a new superior to direct the largest religious order of the Catholic Church. It’s numbers have declined to 19,000 worldwide. The Jesuits have always chosen a European as it’s leader. For the same reason as with the election of the pope, there’s no chance of an American getting elected. World powers are avoided in these elections. However several news wires seem to think perhaps an Asian or Latin American may be elected. I think this would be an excellent move on the part of the Jesuits. The growth of the church is in Africa and Asia. Hopefully they’ll select a good one.


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