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I saw on the local news that Mr. Matt McConaughey has announced to the world that he is going to be a father. That is indeed good news anytime anyone receives a child from God. He described that he was raised with a“conservative ” upbring. Hence, he recognizes as he says in this press release

We are stoked and wowed by this miracle of creation and this gift from God, and so excited for the adventure that will come in raising this child, being a mother and a father,”… “Wish us the best, keep us in your prayers, and God bless evolution.”

He simply didn’t carry the thought out to the moral conclusion. Marry the girl. Hollywood loves to force feed us their morality and I really think that they are so far gone down on the slippery slope that it’s not even intended any more. If the same thing happened in the 40’s or 50’s his acting career would be over. Granted that in that regards it’s better today then back then.

However the fact remains that this is another case of an individual exercising license rather then freedom. In scriptural terms it’s called fornication (one engaged in pre-marital sex). Hopefully at some point they will get married.

That leads me into the counter issue of the most vile, profane, dirt word in the English language – I’m talking about Chasity.

As usual another blogger has written an excellent piece on the topic over at Catholic analysis.

The effects of premarital sex can also be more subtle. Widespread premarital sex pressures people to accelerate entering exclusive and isolating relationships. For example, the male feels the subconscious pressure of pursuing a female by accelerating physical intimacy because, if he doesn’t get there first and soon, another male will! In an age, when many females are sexually active outside of marriage, males are under strong pressure to take and take quickly before they are overtaken by the next male hanging around. In contrast, a social environment in which the norm is chastity precludes any such anxious rush to sexual hook-ups because, from the male perspective, the female will remain chaste even while he takes the time to develop and “investigate” other chaste friendships with other females. We can describe the same problem from the woman’s perspective: she is under pressure to engage in sexual acts because, if she refuses or delays too much, the male will simply substitute another female from the abundant supply of sexually cooperative females. Thus, in today’s unchaste environment, there is a strong, subtle pressure to engage in high-speed sexual competition. The result is predictable: more bad choices as competitive pressure overtakes the time it takes to get to know a person so that we can judge their suitability. We may win the short-term competition only to discover later that the “prize” turned out to be a dud.

I never been a paragon of virtue either, but I always knew any time I engaged in these activities that I was doing morally evil. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to feel no guilty or avoid responsibility for those actions. However there is a clear change in the society which isn’t shamed by these Hollywood moral choices, indeed we’ve moved so far from that view point to a complete reversal. It would seem that Chasity is the vile, repressed deadly sin, whereas fornication is the apparent virtue.

My British readers will appreciate it when I say that America really did turn the world upside down


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