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Three Little Pigs ‘too offensive’ Why is it that a flight attendant can’t were a small cross around her neck while working for BA, yet the British gov’t has the foresight to insure that they don’t offend the Muslims population (which as far as I can tell hasn’t complained about it). It appears that they are backing down from the Three little pigs position 3 little pigs saved from the PC wolf, yet the reason seems to be that it doesn’t offend the Muslims in this context. Clearly is a positive to respect another’s belief system, but a foreign culture needs to make some adjustments to the pre-existing culture as well. In this case the former culture didn’t even make a complaint and the latter culture has become hyper sensitive to the point where it’s endanger of losing it’s existing culture altogether. It’s just another step in the direction of Islamization of England as I commented earlier here.


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