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Die Hard Orioles fan

I grew up in the 60’s with a very loyal Yankee family, so what happened?

I was a bit confused in childhood about who was more important  God, Mickey Mantel, or family. When i got to see my first pro baseball game with my father and brother, the great Mic came to bat 3 times. First time K, second time K, it’s ok even Mickey can have an off day. Third time up Yankees down 2-0 to the Twins, Mickey comes up with 2 man on. At age 6 you know he’s going to hit a HR after all it’s God, family and Mickey Mantel! Strike three!!

I hate the Yankees, heck I can strike out 3 times! He stinks, stinks.

But I love baseball, who do I root for? Well who beats up on the Yankees? Why the O’s of the 60’s & 70’s.

Sadly, the O’s of the 80’s,90’s, and double otts are not the O’s of the late 60’s.

But I have high hope for 2011.


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Great astronomy resource web site. I have owned a Meade LX200 for several years. Sadly my location has highLight Polution so my viewing time has been cut short over the years.

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